NSW Campaigning

Join the fight against sex self-ID in NSW

Other Australian states have already passed laws allowing males to self-ID as females and change their birth certificates, without undergoing any medical procedures.

Now we are fighting to stop the same things happening in NSW.

The so-called Equality (LGBTQIA+) bill introduced by independent MP Alex Greenwich in 2023 is an attack on the fundamental rights of women and children in NSW. It will allow: 

  • Any man to identify as female by signing a statutory declaration 
  • Children to change their legal ‘sex’ without parental knowledge 
  • Children to access puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones without parental knowledge. 

The Bill also legalises pimping, removes barriers to commercial surrogacy in NSW, and makes it a criminal offence to use sex-based pronouns when referring to trans-identified people on social media.  

It is a draconian, misogynist bill that must be defeated. 

AF4WR has joined with Women’s Rights Network Australia (WRNA), LGB Alliance Australia (LGBAA) and Coalition of Activist Lesbians (CoAL) to lobby politicians from all parties to stop this bill going through as proposed.

Parliamentary inquiry 

In March, the Bill was referred to the NSW Parliamentary Committee on Community Services for an inquiry, with a report due to Parliament by June 2024. 

AFWR was invited to make a submission to this inquiry. Our submission comprehensively outlines our concerns with the proposed legislation and provides links to examples and research from around the world demonstrating the dangers of self-ID and gender affirmation. 

Read our submission

Your help is vital.

  • Write to your MP to let them know the Equality Bill is dangerous for women and girls. You can use our template letter.
  • Talk to your friends and family about what is happening.

More information

AF4WR, WRNA and CoAL has prepared an analysis of the Equality Bill.  This analysis has been sent to every NSW MP.