NSW Campaigning

Join the fight against the legalisation of “gender affirmation” and sex self-ID in NSW

Other Australian states, along with the ACT, have already passed legislation mandating “gender affirmation” (under the guise of “conversion therapy bans”), and allow sex-self ID without undergoing any medical procedures.

Now we are fighting to stop the same things happening in NSW. The Minns Labor government has already pledged to introduce a bill on the “conversion practices ban” before the end of 2023, and on 21 November, Independent MP for Sydney Alex Greenwich’s LGBTQI+ Equality Bill, which introduces self-ID among a range of other problems, is scheduled for another reading and debate in parliament.

AF4WR has joined with Women’s Rights Network Australia (WRNA), LGB Alliance Australia (LGBAA) and Coalition of Activist Lesbians (CoAL) to lobby politicians from all parties to stop these laws going through as proposed.

We are calling for:

  • Gender identity to be removed from the conversion practices legislation.
  • Parliament to vote no to the Equality Bill.

Your help is vital.

  • Write to your MP to let them know the Equality Bill is dangerous for women and girls. You can use our template letter.
  • Write to your MP and let them know gender identity should be removed from the conversion practices legislation. You can use our template letter.
  • Talk to your friends and family about what is happening.

More information

AF4WR, WRNA and CoAL has prepared an analysis of the Equality Bill.  This analysis has been sent to every NSW MP.

We also provided a submission to the consultation on the NSW Government’s conversion practices legislation.