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Australian Feminists for Women’s Rights (AF4WR) is a collective of feminists from all over Australia campaigning for women’s sex-based rights protections. Explicitly left-wing but not aligned to any political party, AF4WR came together to provide information, analysis and advocacy on women’s and girls’ rights in the face of the imposition of the ideology of gender.

Whether it comes from the left or liberal centre—in the form of gender identity—or the conservative or religious right—in the form of a return to gender traditionalism—the ideology of gender represents an attack on the hard-won rights of women. We are here to resist those attacks and to fight for the advancement of women’s rights within a broader context of social and economic justice for all. 

This is the original “Mythbusting” document that AF4WR produced when we came together in mid-2022. We sent this dossier in both hard copy and subsequently by email to the Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, and 22 other Federal Ministers. Only three Federal departments even acknowledged receipt of this material and none engaged with it. We believe that few of our elected representatives at either State or Federal levels are fully aware of the facts, so this dossier remains as urgent and important now as it was when we wrote it.

We have extracted and updated some of the key points in this dossier – and added a few new ones –  for the “Mythbusting” section of this website.

AF4WR acknowledges the First Peoples of Australia on whose land we gather, and commits to combating the systemic and structural discrimination faced by Indigenous Australians and in particular by Indigenous women.