ACON Exposed 

How ACON influences your workplace.  

Information and Research 


Coalition of Activist Lesbians (COAL) Inc 

COAL lobbies the Australian Commonwealth and State Governments to remove discrimination against lesbians. As a UN-accredited NGO, we advocate for the rights of lesbian women and girls to the UN Commission on the Status of Women. 

Advocacy and Information 


Feminist Legal Clinic 

Advancing the human rights of women and girls. 

The Feminist Legal Clinic is an Australian legal practice that focuses on providing legal advocacy support to feminist groups, organisations and services and the women who access them. 

Contact via website or PO Box 273, Summer Hill, NSW 2130 


LGB Alliance Australia 

Representing lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals. Advocating for sex-based rights. 

Advocacy Group 

Contact via website, Twitter, Facebook 


Lost Women’s Rights 

Documenting lost women’s rights internationally including in Australia and New Zealand. 


Matrix Guild Victoria Inc. 

Matrix Guild Victoria Inc. was founded in 1992 by a group of lesbian feminists for the benefit of lesbians aged forty years and older. 

Advocacy, Information, Housing, Volunteering 

Contact via Facebook or: 

Matrix Guild Victoria Inc., PO Box 99, Fairfield, VIC 3078 

Respect Our Sex


Save Women’s Sports Australasia 

Fight for the integrity of women and girls’ sport. 

Advocacy Group 

Contact via social media and above email addresses.


The Women’s Action Alliance Tasmania (WAAT) 

A women’s liberation advocacy group committed to advancement of women and girls, and mothers and their young children understanding that sex is a biological fact with material consequences for females living under patriarchy. 


Victorian Women’s Guild 

The Victorian Women’s Guild is an advocacy group which contributes a rad-fem analysis and other resources. 

Contact via Facebook page or: 


WDI Australia and New Zealand 

Australian and New Zealand chapters of the Women’s Declaration International. 

Advocacy and Information 

WDI international group website: 


Women’s Cooee 

Tracking, recording and calling out ABC reporting bias, calling on the ABC to present accurate information about women and cover issues around transgenderism with impartiality, responsibility, independence and integrity. 

Advocacy and Information 



Fair Go for Queensland Women  

Women and girls require protection and consideration in Qld law. 

Recognising that humans cannot change sex must be reflected in law. 

Advocacy and Information 

Contact via email 


IWD Brisbane Meanjin 

Annual feminist IWD rally, march and radfem conference, street protests, feminist discussion group.  
Advocacy and Events 
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Women’s Action Group 

Advocacy group since 2019 

Monthly Speakers Corner #WomenWILLSpeak 

Contact via email: 


Women’s Rights Network Australia

Women’s Rights Network Australia are a national network of women who work together to secure sex-based rights in law and language and stop the gender medicalisation of children.

Contact via email:


Women Speak Tasmania 

Women-led, woman-centred. We campaign for the sex-based rights of women in Tasmania. 



Sex Matters 


Women’s Declaration International