Have you been impacted by gender affirming medicine?

Take action: Provide your testimony about the impacts of transition, detransition and gender affirming medicine.

“Attempts to silence women based on the views they hold regarding the scope of gender identity and sex in law and in practice and the rights associated with these, severely affects their participation in society in dignity and in safety, as well as their country’s prosperity and development.”

Reem Alsalem, United Nations Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls.

Ms Reem Alsalem, UN  Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls has met with representatives from AF4WR and Coalition of Activist Lesbians (CoAL) to discuss the impact of gender ideology and gender affirming medicine on Australian women and girls.

Following these discussions with Ms Alsalem, we are now collecting testimonies from women and girls detailing their experiences of harm in the context of gender transition, detransition and gender affirming medicine. The testimonies will be provided to Ms Alsalem to inform her work at the UN in addressing harms against women and girls, its causes and consequences.

This work will also enable evidence to be presented to the Australian government identifying the harms of gender affirming medicine and the requirement for safe, evidence-based services for gender questioning girls and women.

Have you or someone you know experienced harm as a result of gender affirming medicine and/or treatment?

All affected women and girls are invited to provide their testimony. For details about how to participate in this project contact the project co-ordinator, Bronwyn Winter, at bronwyn.winter@af4wr.org.au.  

Further information on this project can also be found here.

Testimonies can include experiences of the following:

  • Direct harm caused to those who have experienced transition and/or detransition.
  • Indirect harm experienced by family and friends of those who have transitioned and/or detransitioned.
  • Harms that impact employment or other elements of women or girls’ lives.
  • Experiences of women or girls who have desisted in their transition.

Testimonies will be collected through to the end of February 2024 and provided to Ms Alsalem in March 2024.

We believe that international action from the UN Special Rapporteur can directly influence Australia to recognize and act on the harms that arise from gender affirming medicine and on the need for appropriate safe services for gender questioning girls and young women and importantly, for detransitioners and desisters.